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Your HR team already stores masses of data in the form of employee profiles, appraisal results, salary details, training information, staff benefits, holidays, sickness records and bonuses.

This data provides valuable insights into your business and your staff. In a climate where there is intense competition for fresh talent, business intelligence (BI) can help you streamline your recruitment processes and achieve long-term strategies for workforce management and staffing efficiency.

HR can use BI to link people to profit, pinpoint improvements and allow comparisons and benchmarking

Ometis can provide a solution that allows you to analyse trends and plan for the future of your business.
Qlik’s powerful and innovative platform anonymises your employee data and installs flexible but robust security levels. It then translates this data into one intuitive and easy to use dashboard, making it easy for your HR team to make informed assumptions about the productivity and potential of your employees.

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Qlik harnesses, analyses and presents valuable HR information, so you can adapt your practices to become more efficient

Improving candidate selection and staff retention
Spotting and analysing sick leave trends
Creating a remuneration system based on real performance
Gaining valuable insight into who needs promoting and who needs supporting
Setting pay scales that align with strategic objectives
Identifying skills and highlight areas for improvement
Managing training budgets

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Our strategic consultancy services coupled with the innovative Qlik platform helps HR teams take a primary role in becoming more efficient, leading to lower long-term costs. Contact our expert team today to talk about your requirements and find out what we can do for you.

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Ometis provide expert business intelligence services to help all companies make sense of their data.

Using the Qlik Platform, we can provide in depth analysis of any area of your business in a matter of days.