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Data is essential for every department and marketing is no exception.

Without data, campaigns can be expensive and virtually impossible to segment, which can, in turn, impact your reputation, with customers tuning out to activity that simply doesn’t resonate with them.

Gain top to bottom visibility of your campaigns in a couple of clicks

The Qlik Platform of products makes targeting simple and ensures that all activity has a definite level of engagement.

Data can be:

  • Drawn from numerous databases, preventing the need to check different reports
  • Filtered to additional levels of depth, and different questions can be continually asked, without refreshing the data or returning to source systems

Top to bottom visibility of all campaigns can be easily obtained, so no matter when your campaign closes, the information you require is instantly available and easily obtainable.

Easily measure campaign performance

Test ‘what if’ scenarios, achieve greater insight and save time and money with Qlik’s campaign performance analysis.

Key benefits include:

  • Quickly filter vast data sets to establish target segments for each campaign
  • Use your time savings to refine campaign details and expand additional nurturing activities
  • Make timely adjustments to your campaigns to improve performance, increase revenue and reduce churn
  • Easily analyse post-campaign quantifiable data and calculate ROI
  • Track and measure campaign performance
  • Improve targeting, conversion and ROI
  • Analyse customer sentiment and increase brand awareness

Quantify your investment

Customer segmentation analysis enables marketers to quantify investment through relevant KPIs. Our insight combined with Qlik’s solutions can enable you to easily:

  • Improve customer segmentation and conversion rates
  • Target specific customers for cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Measure KPIs such as customer lifetime values, activations and churn

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Deliver increased brand awareness and customer loyalty

When merging the results of web and social analysis, brands can deliver a consistent user experience.

Using the Qlik platform, web analytics marketers can proactively monitor web and social behavior and act on any potential opportunities and threats.

The platform also enables links with other influential community members to be created and users to:

  • Increase brand awareness and improve customer loyalty
  • Identify potential threats and opportunities
  • Analyse market shifts, customer sentiment and developing trends

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