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Procurement and Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a vital function in many organisations.

However, negotiation pricing with suppliers is simply just the tip of the iceberg. Increasing demand to manage complex contracts, bid processes and vendor performance has resulted in many procurement departments rethinking how they use data to control costs and improve quality.

A Qlik procurement Business Intelligence (BI) solution developed by Ometis gives purchasers the power to ensure their business is in the best position to maximise returns and capitalise on industry opportunities.

How can Qlik help the supply chain?

Rather than rely on static reporting from several different internal systems, Qlik can:

  • Quickly and easily connect to many data sources
  • Consolidate the data
  • Provide powerful, interactive visual analytics to help buyers make better decisions

Qlik enables purchasers to save time by having all of their key metrics in one place. What’s more, important issues can be identified quickly and action taken to resolve problems within minutes, not days.

Creating a consolidated view of data associated with the buying cycle also enables procurement departments to achieve measurable gains by reducing stock holding, improving demand planning and avoiding underperforming suppliers.

Whatever your purchasing needs, Qlik is the finest platform available to create your dashboards and monitor all of your procurement BI metrics quickly and easily.

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