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Logistics organisations operate multiple IT systems with vast amounts of data. With more of this data coming from external sources, gaining clear insights has become more challenging and critical.

Companies within the stock and logistics industries are turning to the Qlik Business Intelligence (BI) platform to deliver visual analytics at the point of decision.

With so much data being generated every second, visual representation of this data has become an essential requirement for stock and logistics staff at all levels.

Using the Qlik Platform, Ometis provides visual analytics at the point of decision - enabling users to consume more information quickly, and make the right decisions on the spot.

Because users are able to consume this information so fast, they can create additional time to undertake further analysis and answer the ‘why, what, when, who and where’ follow-up questions.

The benefits are real – just ask our clients

Some of the benefits our customers have achieved by working with us include:

  • An 8% reduction in cost of fuel
  • Reduced vehicle downtime and cost of vehicle maintenance
  • Simplified ways to track and reduce waste
  • Improved customer relationships by monitoring how well they deliver on their promises
  • Improved delivery times through better route analysis
  • Improved employee morale through team-based KPIs and job satisfaction, which comes from knowing you’ve made the best decision * based on the right data!

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Reviewing all of this data, without the Qlik BI Platform can be extremely cumbersome, especially with large fleets. Our customers simply visualise information and make decisions, in seconds.

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Ometis provide expert business intelligence services to help all companies make sense of their data.

Using the Qlik Platform, we can provide in depth analysis of any area of your business in a matter of days.