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When considering which company you would like to use to implement your Qlik solution, there is no better place to start than with feedback from people who have already made that decision.

We are fortunate enough to have great customers, who are appreciative of the work we carry out and the relationship we build with them. These customers have all been impressed with what Ometis and Qlik have achieved for them and their business.

Please see below some of the testimonials that they have kindly provided as feedback to the software and services that Ometis have provided.

  • Gary Palmer 9th January 2018 Gary Palmer Forbidden Planet Using Qlik enabled a quantum shift in the way we did things. We started to use Qlik to make business decisions and began to act based on the information the data was telling us. Every day we are finding different ways to use Qlik within the business and to date it has never failed to achieve and meet our expectations. We feel Qlik and Forbidden Planet is a perfect partnership.
  • Testimonial Branston 13th February 2017 John Griggs Branston We knew that we’d need to be able to develop and maintain our own Qlik dashboards and apps to keep up with the demands of our customers. Ometis helped us by providing the tools, training and support we needed, when we needed it.
  • Ryanair 31st August 2016 Shane Finnegan Ryanair With Qlik, we're building a complete overview of what's going on across the business and it is playing a major role in the way we are evolving the services we offer to customers.
  • Testimonial Geotech 26th November 2015 Leo Monastero Geotech The systems are liked by our users, the speed is unbelievable and it’s so easy to use. The ability to have a standardised view of the data has made identifying opportunities so much easier. I am really happy we went with Qlik and Ometis and would recommend both the system and the services we get to anyone.
  • Testimonial T Brown 25th November 2015 Tim Stanley T Brown We have been working with Ometis and the Qlik platform for the last 4 years and it has given us insight into so many aspects of the business that we hadn’t been able to view at that level before. The training that we completed with Ometis was a benefit to the team working with the solution and increased our internal knowledge exponentially. I would recommend both Qlik and Ometis.
  • James McKinney 20th November 2015 James McKinney Pipers Crisps Business momentum has increased and the growth rate keeps running. We made a great choice in selecting Ometis services to implement Qlik products and we would definitely recommend both to any business.