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Forbidden Planet is the world’s largest and best-known science fiction, fantasy and cult entertainment retailer and the largest UK stockist of the latest comics and graphic novels.

They specialise in selling action figures, books, comics, DVDs, graphic novels and toys and offer all the best merchandise from cult movies and television. offers more than 40,000 products on its site and has the UK leading comic subscription service, so you never miss an issue again.

Gary Palmer is IT Director for Forbidden Planet and Titan Publishing Group in the UK.


Forbidden Planet have more than 125 million records of all types of data. They needed a way to analyse it all and were spending vast amounts of time producing reports for staff consumption. They needed a fast, dynamic way to see their data.

‘We had a demo with Ometis and they ran us through everything the platform can do and how its functionality could help us at Forbidden Planet. During the first 10 minutes, I was impressed. Over the course of the next 15 minutes, I had already worked out what would be in our first Qlik sheet and during the remainder of the demo I was just asking myself: ‘Is there anything this system cannot do?’

 – Gary Palmer


Ometis met with Gary Palmer to present Qlik and its data-unlocking potential. It didn’t take long for to decide the Qlik platform would enable true visualisation of the business data.

‘Ometis supported us during software install and were on hand to answer any questions. It took two days to upload all the company’s historic sales data. Once the data was available, we immediately utilised Qlik to its full potential.’

 – Gary Palmer


Qlik has transformed the way utilise their business data and has provided a simple, swift and hugely efficient way of making informed business decisions.

Some of the areas Forbidden Planet now use Qlik:

• Management account meetings

• Product performance

• License performance

• Buyer performance

• Stock analysis

• Geo location of deliveries / New store opportunities

• Salary review

• Audit review

‘Every day we are finding different ways to use Qlik within the business and to date it has never failed to achieve and meet our expectations. We feel Qlik and Forbidden Planet is a perfect partnership.’

 – Gary Palmer

‘Using Qlik enabled a quantum shift in the way we did things. We started to use Qlik to make business decisions and began to act based on the information the data was telling us. It wasn’t long before Qlik became a buzz word around the office. We soon rolled Qlik out to multiple users through easy point-and-click training plans which enabled extremely fast adoption across the business.’


Gary Palmer, IT Director for and Titan Publishing Group in the UK.