Geotech - Ometis


Geotech is a global leader in the design and manufacture of gas analysis technology. A QED environmental company and part of the US public company Graco Inc with a turnover exceeding $1.2BN and 3600 employees worldwide.

Prior to the current exposure around Climate Change there were businesses who were already monitoring the use of natural materials in the environment. Their aim was to provide companies with the products to monitor and analyse resources on their projects. In 1972 Geotech was founded as a company that manufactured and supplied products for the civil engineering sector. Since 1990 the company has been active in multiple sectors and applications which require the analysis and detection of gas.


As a continually growing company closely linked with diverse applications within the renewable energy sector, Geotech has a staff of 53 and a lot of data. This data is not just on the products that are manufactured and sold, it includes the general running of the company and the results from extensive product research, development and testing.

Already heavily involved in reporting and Business Intelligence or BI, Geotech was originally using Crystal Reports and XCelsius to deliver some results. These systems were creating the right reports but the company found them difficult to manage and develop. Staff were beginning to do more on Excel and avoiding the systems provided, which defeated the point of having BI and engendered disjointed reporting and data practices.

Data is important to the growth of any business and when it becomes hidden in the system, it has no value. This was the situation that Geotech began to find itself in.


To stop this happening the decision was made to change to a whole new system. At this point Leo Monastero (IT Systems Manager for Geotech) met with Andy Patrick (Sales Manager at Ometis) at an event and the relationship between the two companies began.

The implementation of Qlik from Ometis was done in a matter of weeks. The data available from Geotech was clean and well organised allowing for a swift upload.


Initially used by the sales team, Qlik was soon rolled out to the Supply Chain and Manufacturing departments as the business recognised the value of the system and the services offered by ometis.

Following implementation, the solution has achieved all the expectations of Geotech and QlikView has been extremely useful to the business during its recent growth.

The designated users at Geotech have stated that the speed and instantaneous results are making their work processes much more efficient and they would never go back to the original systems. Qlik’s ability to utilise several different data sources is saving the business a lot of time and money.

‘The systems are liked by our users, the speed is unbelievable and it’s so easy to use. The ability to have a standardised view of the data has made identifying opportunities so much easier. I am really happy we went with Qlik and Ometis and would recommend both the system and the services we get to anyone.’

 – Leo Monastero

‘The dashboards seemed so much easier to manipulate than the ones we were used to. I went back to the office and sent a proposal to the directors. We needed software that showed where the opportunities are, where the sales are coming from and where can we garner best growth. The intuitive interface available within Qlik makes finding information easy and the data can be carved in so many ways.’

Leo Monastero, IT Systems Manager at Geotech