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Pipers Crisps

The Pipers story began in 2004 when three farmers – Alex Albone, Simon Herring and James Sweeting – joined forces to produce great tasting, quality crisps using local potatoes.

The company now has around 80 employees, providing stores, deli’s and public houses in the UK and abroad with their unique variety of flavours of their home grown and processed potato crisps.


Following their exponential growth in the market, Pipers were looking to gain an improved understanding of the business’ performance, monitor staff KPIs and realise an ability to map results to spot regional trends. They needed a Business Intelligence or BI tool that could do all this and that’s where Qlik and ometis came in.


Ometis’ implementation took less than two months for the initial set-up, build and load. Since this time, Pipers have added to their original suite of dashboards and rolled the system out to all areas of the business.

A cross management team from Pipers worked closely with ometis to ensure that all departments were aware of the system and its capabilities including Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Finance and Sales. Initially running with QlikView, the company has since added Qlik Sense to their portfolio as an additional resource.

‘We like QlikView very much and Ometis are always ready to help when we face any challenges. We have recently adopted Qlik Sense and we see great potential for its use moving forward’.

 – James McKinney, Managing Director, Pipers


Following their Qlik implementation, Pipers sees excellent results on a daily basis. There is an increase in Sales Data, allowing for more effective targeting, and the Manufacturing Department is seeing greater levels of control. The Supply Chain also boasts a great deal more information available to help make more-informed decisions.

‘Business momentum has increased and the growth rate keeps running. We made a great choice in selecting Ometis services to implement Qlik products and we would definitely recommend both to any business.’

 – James McKinney, Managing Director, Pipers

‘Our sales reporting system was quite static and not really sophisticated enough for our needs. I needed to see ratios and comparisons of the data we had, otherwise it was not really providing the best picture of what was going on. Having looked at potentially using Jet Reports, I also evaluated Qlik – having used it in a previous role a few years ago. The most important part for me was making sure we have a way of viewing a range of results available for different business areas.’

James McKinney, Managing Director, Pipers