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PizzaExpress‘ robust data warehouse is home to a huge amount of data. Without visualisation or any BI reporting tool, they were unable to get meaningful insights when analysing the data. This meant there was a reliance on spreadsheets, which required a lot of manual engagement.


PizzaExpress worked with developers from Ometis to set up the initial on-premises environment, which took less then a week and remained within budget.

Later, Ometis’ support team were able to complete a large migration to the SaaS platform in less than four weeks, which eliminated performance issues they had experienced using on-premises. They have been able to significantly increase their number of users, capitalise on the rollout of the mobile app and leave all updates in the hands of Qlik.


Following Qlik implementation, particularly with the migration to SaaS, PizzaExpress has seen a significant increase in engagement with their data analytics at all levels of the business. Senior management know they’re getting correct information in real-time, allowing them to make important decisions in a fast-moving industry that are driven by the correct data. It’s also made a difference on the ground – restaurant owners and territory managers can track their performance with no worries about the immediacy or quality of their data.

Everything was completed on budget and on time, I couldn’t speak more highly of the Ometis team. We had a huge amount of data we were able to just hand over to them knowing they’d do a good job and it would all be implemented seamlessly.

Dan Williams, Business Intelligence Manager at PizzaExpress

Dan Williams PizzaExpress