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What Is A Data Strategy?

Posted on: 26th May 2020, 12:08 pm

What is a data strategy? Well, in recent years, businesses have begun to realise the importance of becoming data-driven organisations. 

Without realtime insight into their data, businesses operate reactively and miss opportunities to get ahead of their competitors, whether that be through missing strategic growth opportunities, failing to capitalise on money-saving potential or falling behind when it comes to customer satisfaction, for example.  

When businesses look to change this and become more proactive when it comes to utilising their data, a data strategy can lay the foundations of a data-driven culture based on the likes of Master Data Management, Business Intelligence and Big Data. 

What exactly is a Data Strategy? 

A data strategy aims to get an understanding of what you’re currently learning from your business data, how you are learning it and what you want to achieve from this data in the future. It details the framework for short, medium and long-term data delivery in order to aid you in making better informed business decisions with the aim of gaining that competitive advantage. 

Building a Data Strategy with Ometis 

When you build a data strategy with Ometis, we will kick things off by understanding the reasoning behind your desire to become a data-driven organisation. We will then delve further into your set-up as we establish who it is that receives your data, what their skillsets are and what the processes are behind how they receive it. We will also determine which types of data will be of benefit to your future business decisions.  

Much of this is likely to take place during our initial discussions with you. Once we understand your goals, we will be able to build a clearer picture of your current processes.

At this point, we will look to discover whether your present set-up is conducive to you reaching your objectives. From there, we will utilise our expertise to potentially recommend new processes, different systems, changing the number of people who are involved in the use of your business data, or introducing different ways of collecting new datasets. 

Can we help you? 

The Ometis team boasts a wealth of experience in terms of understanding the importance of a data-driven culture in the modern business world.  

We can work with you to capitalise on your data with Qlik’s powerful and versatile Business Intelligence platform in order to generate demonstrable results for your organisation. Contact Ometis today to find out more about how a data-driven culture could benefit your business. 

In the meantime, keep yourself abreast of all things Qlik by checking out our LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels. 


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