Why Do We Choose Qlik? - An Ometis Guide

Why Do We Choose Qlik?

Posted on: 19th May 2020, 11:59 am

Here at Ometis, we pride ourselves on being the UK’s largest dedicated Qlik consultancy. You may be wondering though – with the variety of powerful BI tools on the market, why do we choose Qlik?

In this blog, we will look at what sets QlikView and Qlik Sense apart from the alternatives and why we believe it is the best solution for businesses when it comes to data and analytics…


One of the key factors that pushes Qlik ahead of its rivals is its efficiency. It can help teams arrive at big decisions quickly and confidently. Professionals often need to make their data-driven decisions within a single day, while on average it takes six weeks to compile a report using traditional BI software.

This is a sentiment echoed by our in-house Qlik Luminary, Chris Lofthouse, when speaking about his journey to his role as Head of Consulting Services here at Ometis.

‘Having worked with several BI tools in the past, I came across QlikView. I was working on a project which had been taking me months with another BI platform. In a single evening of my own spare time, I was able to mock something up in Qlik and showed it off to a few people. They were completely blown away by it – the speed with which I built it and the ability to drill down into the data was far superior than any other tool.

‘I decided I didn’t want to work with any other BI tools so I joined a dedicated Qlik partner in Ometis and the rest, as they say, is history!’

QIX Engine

Speed also comes at the heart of another aspect of Qlik that makes it such a desirable platform – the QIX engine. This associative data indexing engine is built to read data rapidly and instantly find associations that can inform decision-making in the future. This engine enables you to probe all potential associations in your data, helping you to answer pressing questions such as, “What happened?”, “Why did it happen?”, “What is likely to happen in the future?”.


Another benefit of Qlik is its reporting technology. With Qlik NPrinting, you can compile reports by simply dragging and dropping data from existing applications. Visualisations taken from numerous applications can be combined into a single report, allowing data to be filtered per the user’s needs. You can also share these reports in PDF format, enabling people who do not have a Qlik license or token to access it.


One thing that makes Qlik unique is the Qlik community. Users of Qlik software across the world, from employees and developers to experts and customers, are able to share their experiences of the platform and help each other to get the most out of their data.

This community aspect is something that Qlik themselves are highly engaged with, meaning that their releases will often aim to resolve issues that the community is facing or bring in extra functionality that the community is seeking.

If you’d like to find out about why we choose Qlik and how it can benefit your business, get in touch with the Ometis team today. You can also keep across all things Qlik on our LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts.


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