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Moving Master Items Between Apps

Posted on: 3rd March 2021, 12:10 pm

Moving master items between apps can turn into a burdensome task as the number of items increases in your Qlik Sense apps. As of this writing, there is still no built-in or standardised tool to manage them centrally beyond the individual application. Unfortunately, one thing that wasn’t delivered, but mentioned in Qlik’s statement of direction 2020, was a Global master item library. However, there is a simple way to move multiple master measures across apps, without using any third party extensions or without the need to recreate the master measures one at a time by copying and pasting single expressions. This blog post shares a tip to decrease the effort of exporting and importing master items between apps.

1. Collect the master items in the source app

Start by collecting all the master measures and master dimensions that you want to export by adding them to a table object in a sheet.

2. Unlink the master items

Unlink the master items to make them available as individual expressions by clicking the unlink button under each column in the table chart’s Data section. This is because they don’t exist yet in the target destination, they need to be unlinked in order to make them accessible.

3. Copy and paste the source sheet to the destination app

Go to the application overview in the source app and simply right click on the sheet where the master items have been added and select Copy. Go to the application overview in the destination app and paste the sheet.

4. Save the measures as master items

Once the sheet has been copied over, you can go ahead and save each field in the table by clicking on the ‘Add new’ master item button under each column in the table chart’s Data section.

The method described in this blog post assumes that the destination app contains the same underlying fields in the data model as the source app. This approach is therefore suitable when you need to merge apps or when you have created a significant number of master measures in one app that shares common data sets with an existing app.

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By Mats Severin


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