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Version Control In Qlik Sense – A Soterre Webinar

Posted on: 5th December 2019, 3:20 pm

To celebrate our new partnership with Motio offering version control and deployment in Qlik Sense with Soterre, we’re delighted to announce a Soterre webinar showcasing the features and functions of this innovative software.

What Is Soterre?

Soterre helps drive efficiency and improve audits in Qlik Sense with its comprehensive version control features and deployment functionality.

It’s important because we’re all working in Qlik at lightening speeds to drive insight and achieve results but at Ometis, we understand that manually managing every change you make impacts efficiency and slows you down.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Motio to offer our clients Soterre, which we showcased at Qlik’s Data Revolution Tour back in October. Now we’re hosting a webinar with the Soterre team to help you unlock the software’s power.

Join our webinar on Wednesday 11th December at 2pm (GMT) and learn how automated version control and deployments in Qlik Sense improves your efficiency and auditing processes.

The Soterre Webinar Will Cover

  • The ease of managing changes in Soterre vs. without
  • Audit trails with change history of who changed/deployed it, when was it changed/deployed, what was changed/deployed exactly
  • Freedom to deploy parts of an app instead of the entire app
  • Change and deployment rollbacks
  • Reporting on the Soterre database that documents how changes were made in order to comply with SOX and other audit requirements

Click here to register for our webinar now and start driving further efficiencies in your business.

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Please can I register to attend the Webinar. Thanks.

Dharmishta Patel, 10th December 2019

Hi Dharmishta, yes of course - please hit the link in the article above to register. Hope you enjoy the webinar!

Christian, 11th December 2019


Alvaro Martinez, 5th December 2019

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