Qlik Analytics Tour Customer Panel: How businesses are maximising Qlik

Qlik Analytics Tour Customer Panel: How businesses are maximising Qlik

Posted on: 19th October 2020, 11:58 am

Following the Qlik Analytics Tour of 2019 and 2018’s Qlik Sense Tour, both of which Ometis hosted at the Belfry Resort in Birmingham, things were a little different this year, as we hosted the 2020 tour online in September.

Despite taking place virtually, attendees were still able to take away valuable insight into the latest Qlik features, as well as getting an idea of what’s to come with the Qlik roadmap.

As well as a Qlik demo from Ometis MD Andy Patrick, our guests were able to get to grips with advanced expressions and data brushing and attend a masterclass in augmented analytics by taking part in workshops with our Qlik experts.

Attendees also had the opportunity to quiz our customer panel to get an insight into how different businesses are using Qlik on a day-to-day basis. The panelists, Andy Chalk from Ruffer LLP, Megan Horsfield of Somerset Bridge and CFC Underwriting‘s Sarah Underwood, discussed data literacy in their organisations and how they cater for different abilities, the Qlik features which are benefitting them as a business as well as what they’d like to see in the future.

Sarah also spoke of how the platform has helped them in the midst of COVID-19: ‘We used Qlik a lot, particularly at the start of the pandemic as it allowed us to drill down on enquiries we were receiving each day,’ Sarah said. ‘We were able to see claims related to coronavirus and judge the effects of coronavirus itself.’

A Qlik Solution we’ve been excited about here at Ometis is Qlik Alerting and Sarah echoed this sentiment.

‘It’s something we haven’t used much yet but we think we’ll be using a lot. It will enable the wider team to set alerts up without having to rely on us, and will help for things like notifying large claims. A lot of the things we use in an NPrinting report we can transfer over to Qlik Alerting.’

Meanwhile, Andy was full of praise for how Qlik Sense enables more people to be able to understand and make the most of their business data.

‘Sometimes you have to hold people’s hands through the process of delivering a report, a dashboard or building whatever they need. Others can take raw data and go away and produce a dozen extra sheets with visualisations left right and centre – it’s brilliant when you get a user or stakeholder that is able to see the possibilities and run with them.

‘Every business and every team has different abilities so you have to tailor it, but Qlik Sense itself lets you do that. It’s a malleable piece of software and it’s been a great step forward from QlikView in terms of usability.’


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