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What is the Analytics Modernisation Programme?

Posted on: 4th June 2020, 12:32 pm

Qlik has recently announced the Analytics Modernisation Programme – an initiative empowering its QlikView users to maximise their existing investment in Qlik to access next generation BI.

The Analytics Modernisation Programme (AMP) provides access to Qlik Sense Enterprise as well as QlikView for no added investment, if your current QlikView Annual Maintenance is under £20,000 per year. Customers can continue to use the two products separately, maybe you could develop new apps using Qlik Sense.

The programme will convert your current perpetual licence into a three-year subscription. There are two deployment options for you to choose from:

  1. Qlik Sense Enterprise Client Managed (on-prem)
    • Optional SaaS add on
  2. Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS
    • A Qlik managed solution that also hosts QlikView documents
    • Includes QlikView Publisher licence


AMP enables customers to consume QlikView documents using Qlik’s Unified Licence and QlikView Publisher.

For each Named User Cal or four Document Cals on QlikView you get a Qlik Sense Enterprise Professional User and for each Document Cal you have, you receive a Qlik Sense Enterprise Analyser user.  Alternative options are available for customers with Session, Usage Cals and test licences, please do get in touch to learn more.

The added benefits of this is that for the same investment as your annual maintenance each year you will gain access to the following additional products and services:

  1. Web connectors and GeoAnalytics Base
  2. Test and Development servers
  3. Access to Qlik Cloud Services
  4. New type of licences


The move to subscription will allow you to remix your licences which again, provides more flexibility, and it locks in your annual charges to save you from the increase in maintenance each year, for the duration of the subscription.

The AMP programme will give you access to both QlikView and Qlik Sense, this does not mean that you will need to start using Qlik Sense as soon as you sign up, but it is there when you are ready to adopt it and will help towards a smooth transition.

You are still able to benefit from AMP even if your maintenance is more than £20,000 per annum, there will be a small uplift in your maintenance.

If this is something that you wish to learn more about then please get in touch with your dedicated account manager. In the meantime, keep abreast all things Qlik through our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube pages.


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