Qlik Analytics Tour 2020 - Accelerating Insights with Augmented Analytics

Qlik Analytics Tour 2020 – Accelerating Insights through Augmented Analytics

Posted on: 25th August 2020, 12:20 pm

We are delighted to announce Ometis will be hosting the Qlik Analytics Tour 2020, which this year is taking place digitally.

The event is free to all participants and follows the successful 2019 QAT at the Belfry Resort in Birmingham, where Ometis hosted a customer panel featuring representatives from the likes of Direct Line Group, Humming Tech (now Solis Digital) and Healthcare at Home, giving attendees a great opportunity to learn how these businesses have benefitted from the Qlik platform.

Take a look at the highlights from last year’s event to see what’s in store.

Ometis will be providing analytics’ answer to night vision goggles for Qlik Analytics Tour 2020, helping you see and action what others can’t and supercharging business value through data.

We’ll explore the latest and most advanced approaches in data analytics. We’ll zero in on the power of AI everywhere for everyone and demonstrate the value your organisation can glean from embedded analytics at the point of decision-making.

Our dedicated Qlik focus enables us to share the latest and most advanced approaches to Data Analytics and Integration, with a choice of workshops to attend later in the day and a fantastic customer Q&A Panel to answer all of your related questions. We want to make sure you get what you need from this virtual event and we will be showcasing Data Analytics, Version Control and Data Governance.

Join us to:

  • See for yourself the very latest approaches and techniques you can use to get actionable insights fast.
  • Take part in a workshop of your choice, explore Qlik Sense’s augmented capabilities or get introduced to Qlik’s advanced expression language, and how to apply data brushing effects to your visualisations.
  • Get your questions answered from a panel of existing Qlik users across different industries.

30th September is your last chance to join us for a masterclass on how to Accelerate Insights Through Augmented Analytics at the Qlik Analytics Tour 2020.

Register today to join Ometis for the final stop in the UK of the Qlik Analytics Tour here.


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